From 28 November to 23 December Kontinent Shopping Mall on Bukharestskaya and “Kitay-gorod 2” play new iPhone X among buyers! 24.11.2017

From 28 November to 23 December do shopping at Kontinent Shopping Mall on Bukharestskaya and new trade space “Kitay-gorod 2”, participate in the instant prize draw and get a chance to win new iPhone X!

iPhone X draw will be held 23 December at the show of Tatyana Bulanova!

“Kitay-gorod 2” was opened in Kontinent Shopping Mall on Bukharestskaya 23.11.2017

“Kitay-gorod 2” was opened in the south of Saint Petersburg in Kontinent Shopping Mall on Bukharestskaya. New center was the continuation of the successful project “Kitay-gorod” opened in September 2016 on Vyborgskoye shosse. There are no network stores that are familiar to everybody, in the trading zone there are manufacturers and suppliers of goods from China offering goods directly from factories.

On 25 November, Zanevsky Kaskad Shopping Mall invites to big family holiday - FAMILY DAY 20.11.2017

Visitors will enjoy an entertaining program, master-classes, photo studio and face painting, gifts, discounts in shops and draw of valuable prizes!
The program begins at 15 p.m. Free of charge.

On 26 November, SHOPAHOLIC DAY will be held in “Radius” outlet mall 20.11.2017

Incredible discounts in stores, show program, draw of prizes and gifts. Special guest of the holiday - band “Russkiy Razmer”!
The program will begin at 3 p.m., admission is free!

In November, GREAT DISCOUNTS DAYS and free concerts of stars will be held in shopping malls of MC “Adamant” 31.10.2017

In November, SATURDAYS and SUNDAYS of great discounts will be held in shopping malls of “Adamant” company These days visitors of shopping mall will enjoy holiday programs, shows of pop stars, prizes and gifts, as well as great discounts in stores!

On 28 October, Zanevsky Kaskad Shopping Mall invites to Cartoon Festival! 24.10.2017

All guests of the holiday will meet heroes of favorite cartoons and tales, master-classes, attractions, photo zone, face painting and many other interesting entertainments, draw of valuable prizes and gifts.
Throughout the day, special discounts and promos will wait for you in stores of Zanevsky Kaskad Shopping Mall!

On 28 October, Mezhdunarodny Shopping Mall celebrates Birthday and invites to free show of Igor Kornelyuk! 24.10.2017

28 October Mezhdunarodny Shopping Mall celebrates its birthday – 5 years! Visitors will enjoy an exciting show program, discounts and draws of valuable prizes, shopping auction, draw of prizes, as well as free show of inimitable Igor Kornelyuk!
Celebration begins at 3 p.m.!

On 29 October, Natalie show will be held in new trade space HYPE (Kontinent Shopping Mall on Bukharestskaya)! 23.10.2017

Big show program, gifts and contests will wait for visitors.
HYPE - more than 30 new fashion stores!

Kontinent Shopping Mall, Bukharestskaya Metro Station
The program will begin at 15:00 p.m., admission is free!

Adamant Managing Company Takes Part in “RENT 2017”, Forum of Commercial Real Estate and Retail 23.10.2017

Adamant Managing Company takes part in “RENT 2017”, Forum of Commercial Real Estate and Retail, which will take place 25-26 October in DI Telegraph (Moscow).
Two-day event will bring together the best industry experts from all regions of Russia at one site to exchange professional experience and knowledge.

Adamant holding 25th anniversary! 19.10.2017

October 19th , 2017th Adamant holding is celebrating its anniversary. Adamant holding was founded in Saint Petersburg in 1992. Today it’s one of the leading multidisciplinary companies located in the North-West of Russia.

Furniture Center “12 Stulyev” announces Month of Light Prices on furniture! 14.10.2017

All the October special discounts of up to 50% on furniture and household goods are available in Furniture Center “12 Stulyev”! Prices are so weightless that furniture flies right before our eyes! Have a chance to buy!

The collective of Adamant Holding congratulates the President of Company I.M. Leytis on his Birthday! 12.10.2017

Dear Igor Mikhailovich!
On behalf of many thousands collective we are happy to congratulate you on your Birthday!
This year Adamant Holding you are heading celebrates the 25th anniversary of its foundation. Today Adamant is one of the most successful leaders of Russian business, and it became possible, first of all, thanks to your invaluable experience, professionalism, personal participation and dedication to your labor of love!
We wish you good health, happiness and family well-being, good luck, loyal friends and reliable partners!

On 30 September, Holiday of Discounts and Tatyana Bulanova Show will take place in Balkania NOVA Shopping Mall 25.09.2017

30 September real HOLIDAY OF DISCOUNTS is waiting for visitors of Balkania Nova Shopping Mall and Balkansky Shopping Mall! Bright show program, amazing photozone, performances by actors and music bands, master-classes for children, draws of prizes and shopping auctions. And naturally, discounts in stores! Special guest of the holiday - inimitable Tatyana Bulanova!
Show program begins at 16:00
Free admission!

On 23 and 30 September, Kontinent Shopping Mall celebrates Birthday and invites to free shows of pop stars! 09.09.2017

In September Kontinent Shopping Malls prepared many joyful and interesting events for buyers.
15 September unique events - “Shopping Auctions” will take place in all Kontinent Shopping Malls. This day all guests will have a unique opportunity to purchase home appliances at unrealistically low prices - the prices will start from 500 rubles! Starts at 19:00

On 23 and 30 September, Kontinents invite to grandiose celebration of Birthdays and concerts of stars! These days discounts and special offers will be available in the stores of shopping malls, as well as cheerful entertainment program will not leave anyone indifferent! Programs start at 3 p.m. The entrance is free of charge.

23 September
Kontinent Shopping Mall on Stachek - Russky Razmer band and Akula
Kontitnent Shopping Mall on Bukharestskaya - Demo and Strelki bands

30 September
Kontinent Shopping Mall on Zvesdnaya - Tekhnologiya band
Kontinent Shopping Mall on Baykonurskaya - Danko and Tatyana Ovsienko

On 16 September, Ligov Shopping Mall celebrates Birthday and invites to Marsel band show 03.09.2017

Guests of holiday will enjoy entertainment program, interactive venues, animation and show of actors, and the main guest of the evening will be the popular Marsel band with amazing performance!

On 2 September, traditional exhibition “Kupchino chooses sport” will take place at the territory of Balkania Nova Shopping Mall 30.08.2017

In the cheerful atmosphere of tumultuous holiday, the guests of the event will get acquainted with sport life of Frunzensky district. In the program of the exhibition: bright presentations of sports, performances of the best pupils of sports sections, entertaining and competitive program with draw of valuable prizes. Besides that, different master-classes, interactive activities, plays and many other things are waiting for tenants of Frunzensky district!

On 1 September, Adamant Shopping Malls Will Host Various Events Dedicated to the Day of Knowledge 22.08.2017

Happy Day of Knowledge to all school students from Adamant Management Company. On September 1, after the school gathering we invite you to join us at our malls and celebrate. There are many events to choose from and a lot of gifts! Make your first day of school unforgettable with your favorite characters, attractions and competitions!

From 15 August to 15 September, “Motorcade of generosity” will take place in Mezhdunarodny Shopping Mall! 14.08.2017

From 15 August to 15 September 2017, each buyer of Mezhdunarodny Shopping Mall may take a chance and win valuable prizes. Buy RUB 500+ worth of products in Mezhdunarodny Shopping Mall, register your receipt at the registration stand near the entrance to the shopping center, and claim your prize! Everyone wins!
To participate in promo, checks are accepted for purchases made from 15 August to 15 September 2017 in stores of Mezhdunarodny Shopping Mall for the amount from 500 rubles.

Happy Construction Worker Day! Dear colleagues and partners! Congratulations on your professional holiday - the Day of Construction Workers! 12.08.2017

Your hard work is of tremendous importance for the wellbeing of our city! Let every building created with your skillful hands stand for many centuries and make people happy with its beauty and durability.
Let us wish you professional success, reliable partners, financial stability, good health, happiness and all the best in your families!

Centers of sport stores “ActiveSport” will take part in annual Festival “VKontakte” 12.07.2017

Centers of sport stores “ActiveSport” will take part in annual Festival “VKontakte”, which will take place in Saint Petersburg on 15-16 July. On the “ActiveSport” venue, everyone can participate in exciting competitions and win valuable prizes, as well as receive special discounts and offers from stores.

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