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The main functions of the Management Company Adamant as a part of the Holding Adamant are a centralized management of the shopping and entertainment centres system of the Holding Adamant.

Also the Management Company works out concepts of the new projects under design now and brokerage of all shopping and entertainment centres included in the Holding. At present the Company manages the major system in St. Petersburg comprising 22 modern shopping and entertainment centres with total area over 1,2 million sq. m. The shopping and entertainment centres of the Holding Company Adamant are situated actually in all districts of St. Petersburg and have a high awareness and traffic level among its citizens. At the design and construction stage there are a few projects more now that allows the Company to keep further leadership at the market.

Now MC Adamant has strong partner relationships with the leading Russian and foreign network retailers, among them there are such trade brands as Perekryostok, Prisma, Eldorado, M.Video, Bukvoed, Karo Film, Formula Kino, Sportmaster, Intersport, Detskiymir, Junior, Lukomorye, McDonalds, KFC etc.

For the years of successful business the Management Company Adamant has accumulated a rich experience in the sphere of commercial real estate management, particularly in:

  • Development of successful shopping centers concepts starting from format determination and project positioning to elaboration of architectural proposals, enclosure pattern and navigation; tailored tenants packing;
  • brokerage management at all stages such as rent rate setting, searching for and negotiations with potential tenants, concluding rent agreements;
  • arrangement of all range of works for real estate projects management from point zero aiming to achieve the maximum commercial effectiveness;
  • promotion of the shopping centres at the market, ranging from the marketing strategy development at planning stage to new product launching to the market and conducting advertising campaigns on any scale followed by assessment stage;
  • marketing research on real estate projects aimed to their optimizing.

The Management Company Adamant is affiliated to the Holding Adamant founded in 1992. Nowadays Adamant is the biggest industrial and commercial holding in St. Petersburg. The current key guideline of HC Adamant’ activity is an arrangement of construction and operation of shopping and entertainment centres. Adamant is engaged in above mentioned activity from 1994, it is a founder of modern shopping and entertainment centres industry in St. Petersburg and holds the dominant position in this branch. Besides HC Adamant comprises full-scale manufacturing complex and building companies, wholesale departments, medical clinic, own furniture and window- production facilities, major advertising agency, design and architectural studios, directorate of mechanization and other enterprises in various spheres of business. In all, more than 50 divisions and businesses with 10 500 jobs are incorporated into the Holding Company.

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